WeWork - Symposium

Issues at the Front of Rum’s Revival, Women in Rum Tell All

WeWork 515 N. State Ave April 26, 2019 3:45 pm -

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Kate Perry
Maggie Campbell
Shannon Mustipher

Is this really happening? Is rum finally going to have its day in the sun? Finally, the buzz is about rum, but what is the buzz about the buzz? Come join our roundtable discussion while we address today’s issues on the rum world from many perspectives. As the industry faces its best opportunity to connect with drinkers in decades we’ll discuss what myths, misunderstandings, and clashes of dogma threaten the precious growth in the category. Assembling a crew of different views and beliefs we are planning a respectful and real conversation around the reality of rum’s challenges and hot topics today. Bartender Shannon Mustipher who will share how rum is approached and understood in the bar by drinkers and tastemakers and what rum can do to make its revival a reality with drinkers. Kate Perry will talk about connecting the reality of handcrafted and authentic rum to buyers while breaking through in a market crowded with pirates and outdated marketing driven education. Gayle Seale will discuss how a legacy distillery is embracing rum’s new day and the challenges of so many untested players joining the space. Maggie Campbell will share the challenges of reviving a rum category that is still building its identity and how dedication to authenticity and transparency shaped their company since day one.

Note: This seminar is exclusive to VIP Ticket Holders & WeWork Members. RSVP to laney@therumlab.com