John Meisler

Rum Fest Jeopardy - Rums of the Caribbean edition!

John Meisler was raised in the sights, sounds and smells of the culinary world in New Orleans. He is part of an old  New Orleans family deeply rooted in the world of authentic Creole Cuisine, with names like Zatarain’s and Delmonico’s Restaurant in the Family tree! He is an acclaimed worldwide speaker, educator and tasting facilitator and has done extensive work on food pairings with wines, spirits and cocktails. He is also a leader in using the wonderful flavors in spirits, wines and beers as base ingredients and accent spices in preparing wonderful epicurean delights, with focus on Puerto Rican Rums adding a wonderful Caribbean twist to some old family New Orleans’ recipes. 

He serves as Central Division Sales Manager, Director, Corporate Training and Spirits Education, Executive Chef and  Global Brand Ambassador for Serralles USA – a portfolio of premium rums and other premium sprits, including Don Q Puerto Rican Rum, Barrow;s Intense Ginger Liqueur, Caliche Rum and Death’s Door Spirits.

John has been featured at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival, Kohler Food and Wine Show, the Midwest Culinary institute, Rum Rennaisance, Culinary Schools and Cooking shows around the world. Meisler was inducted as a “Keeper of the Quaich”, an industry based Scottish Royal Society, for his lifelong achievements in the advocacy of Whiskey as well as serving as a founding Executive Board member of the United States Bartenders Guild Master Accreditation Program.

Rum Fest Jeopardy - Rums of the Caribbean edition!